What Can Significantly Help Sell Your Property

Marketing Strategies That Work to Sell Your Lakes Region Property

While Steve and Carol Bush maintain a strong virtual real estate presence for clients, they also target customers through proven marketing vehicles such as direct mail, print advertising, brochures, flyers, signage, and networking. This comprehensive approach maximizes visibility for the client and ensures that information about marketed properties reaches the broadest possible audience.
The power of a well-done print piece is not to be underestimated and Steve and Carol make sure that all of their brochures feature top of the line photography and design. A brochure is useful because it can be left with clients so they can refer to it again and again; its presence is also a reminder of the beautiful home that could be theirs.
People may be surprised to know that direct mail still outperforms email blasts and is one of the most successful marketing tools available. A beautifully designed piece sent to a targeted list puts compelling and important information right in the hands of potential clients. People respond to a creative mailing and a hard copy item is more likely to be read and kept for further consideration. Electronic mailings, while useful, can be overlooked or even deleted, due to the overwhelming amount of email that most people receive today.
Steve and Carol Bush also advertise key properties in select, quality magazines as well as real estate guides.  These are the publications that dreams are made of, and the right ad can lead a customer to the home they have always wanted. The magazines and guides cover broad distribution areas and outlets so thousands of readers are reached with each ad.
Flyers and mailings create more immediate awareness of properties for sale, directing both those searching, and “Sunday drivers” to homes on the market. Sometimes those who did not intend to be house hunting find themselves intrigued by the signage that Steve and Carol create. More than once that casual ride through the Lakes Region has led to queries about a home, and then a sale.
118 Broadside in Wolfeboro New HampshireOf course, nothing is more powerful then seeing a home firsthand, so Steve and Carol show perspective buyers to explore the home, experience its special features, examine the details, and picture the lifestyle that could be theirs.
All of these elements go into the successful sale of a home and Steve and Carol have each one mastered. This is why they have achieved more than $35 million in real estate sales over the past five years. Every client receives a comprehensive, detailed sales effort, and when that is  combined with Steve and Carol’s enthusiasm and expertise, success is guaranteed.
When you're ready to sell or buy don't hesitate to contact Steve or Carol Bush as they are Experienced Realtors, helping buyers fulfill their dreams and sellers exceed their expectations.

Successfully Market Your Property to SELL in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Youve been seriously thinking about selling your property and are now ready to list it on the open market. One of the most important decisions for any seller is to decide which company and which Realtors will provide the most aggressive marketing plan and which have a proven record. Ninety to ninety-five percent of buyers search for real estate online. A major online presence for your property is critical to getting the message out to buyers so they find your property and then request a showing of your property.

Market Your Lakes Region Property Online

Having an aggressive marketing campaign executed on the internet and in print by your Realtor is step one. Not all websites and real estate companies are equal. After exploring the website of a real estate company check out the individual website(s) of the Realtors you are considering. It doesnt take long to realize that a well built and maintained real estate website is current, complete and easy to use. At Maxfield Real Estate we are very proud of our website www.MaxfieldRealEstate.com and Realtors Steve and Carol Bush take special pride in their personal real estate websites www.LakesRegionHomesInfo.com and www.NHLakesLuxuryHomes.com. Check any of these sites - were confident that youll find them to be, if not the best, some of the best.

A Marketing Plan Designed for Success

Below is a marketing plan that Realtors Steve and Carol Bush have prepared for Lake Winnipesaukee waterfront properties. This will give a good overview of the degree of expertise and skill that we as Realtors provide our clients. If youre on a non-waterfront home we still provide much of what is listed here minus the boat/water components. Photography
  • Professional Photography (Obeo Virtual Tours)
  • Photos of your Winnipesaukee property by boat
  • Virtual tour added to YouTube Real Estate channel for LakesRegionHomesInfo.com & NHLakesLuxuryHomes.com
Print Marketing
  • We seasonally purchase pages in Homes and Land magazine and we will advertise your property in this magazine particularly during the summer months. This magazine reaches upwards of 20,000 people interested in real estate in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
  • Outside of the extensive Maxfield advertising we personally will advertise your property seasonally in newspapers around the Lakes Region as well as in The Laker and Homes & Land Magazine.
  • Maxfield company ads in all papers around Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Brochures for customers
  • QR Codes on all print materials (QR codes bring the customer to pictures and listing information when they use a bar code scanner on a smart phone or iPad)
Social Media / Internet - your property will be advertised on the following sites:
  • We are two of the very few Realtors listed as Elite Agents for Luxury Real Estate in New Hampshire and your property would be on LuxuryRealEstate.com. Please check us out on this website!
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Craigs List
  • All real estate websites including NHLuxuryHomes.com,  Realtor.com,  Northern New England Real Estate Network (Multiple Listing Services), LuxuryRealEstate.com, Homes.com,  Trulia,  Zillow, MaxfieldRealEstate.com, NHLakesLuxuryHomes.com, etc.
  • Your property will have its own URL. Example www.YourPropertyAddress.com
  • We provide a broker open house, tours, information packets, as well as DVDs of the virtual tour to the Realtors and listing information to buyers each time we show the property
  • We have the ability to take clients out in our Cobalt 242 boat to view and then tour your property from the lake
When deciding which Realtors to market and sell your property, please consider contacting Steve and Carol Bush of Maxfield Real Estate.

What's the Best Investment You'll Make Prior to Closing on a Home? Part II

In my previous blog Whats the Best Investment Youll Make Prior to Closing on a Home? Part I I identified 3 of the 8 inspections that you have the right to include as part of the purchase and sales agreement.

Inspect Your Soon to be Purchase

Have your inspections done before you close on the property

As I mentioned previously, having a certified building inspector and septic system professional come to the property within a couple of weeks of a signed contract by the buyer and the seller is the best investment in money and peace of mind that you will make prior to closing on a property. The peace of mind that having inspections performed might save you money by the seller fixing any problem, or the disappointment after the sale of finding out about problems with the property that you didnt know existed, or if the concerns discovered are so significant it will allow you the opportunity to get out of the contract. The inspections discussed in Part I were, General Building Inspection, Sewage Disposal, and Water Quality. Here are the final 5 suggested areas listed on the New Hampshire Association of Realtors Purchase and Sale Agreement Standard Form in which a buyer, at his or her expense, have the right to have performed within a reasonable amount of time. They are;
  1. Radon Air Quality Because radon gas is emitted from primarily granite and we are the Granite State, it is wise to have the basement tested. It is odorless and tasteless and is impossible to detect without testing. In New Hampshire the Department of Environmental Protection recommends taking steps to lower radon concentrations when those concentrations equal or exceed 4.0 picocuries per liter in the lowest portion of a home. The cost of having the test done is approximately $100.
  2. Radon Water Quality The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services recommends that homeowners take steps to remove radon from the water supply when the average concentration exceeds 2,000 picocuries per liter. The cost for having the radon in the water tested is in the $100-$125 range.
  3. Lead Paint Potentially the most destructive of hazardous conditions especially for children who may ingest flakes of lead paint. Prior to a home built in 1978, lead paint was used. After 1978 it was outlawed and homes were painted with oil based or latex paints. Even prior to 1960 some lead paint was known to also contain mercury. Testing for lead paint can be costly, but it is often fairly easy to visually ascertain if there may be lead paint.
  4. Pests More often than not the person doing the general building inspection will be able to see if there are pest problems to the property you are buying. Critters like red squirrels, bats, and carpenter ants can
  5. Hazardous Waste If there is hazardous waste on the property, it can be simple or complicated and the costs for remediation can vary widely. In the property disclosure, which accompanies the purchase and sales agreement, any knowledge of buried tanks, hazardous waste products, etc. must be divulged if known. A building inspector may suspect a problem based on the location of the property and history of the property or properties surrounding the property you are buying. He/she may suggest that you get someone experienced in hazardous waste site examinations.
For more information or questions on any of these topics, please contact us or check out the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Protection. You can also click here for a list of certified building inspectors


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    Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a purchase and sales agreement form, I found a blank fillable form here: http://pdf.ac/2vOpfR . I also saw some decent tutorials on how to fill it out. "

    The Importance of the Market Analysis for Your Lakes Region Property

    A Free Market Opinion of Value Is Valuable

    What is Your Property Worth in Todays Real Estate Market?

    Whether you are planning on selling, need information for estate planning, or are just curious as to the value of your property in the current market, the market analysis will give you valuable information to make solid business decisions on what's best for you and your family. A market analysis reflects two market circumstances: similar area properties which have recently sold as well as properties currently for sale with which yours would be competing if you were to sell in todays market. Fair market value is defined as the price that a willing and able buyer will pay to a willing seller. The actual selling price of a property is not determined by the Realtors but rather by you, the seller and the buyer based upon the motivation of each party. The listing price and the eventual selling price will be your decision. When you are ready to sell, Steve and Carol Bush would be most pleased to represent you as your listing agents. Just CONTACT us today for your free, no obligation market analysis of your Lakes Region property.

    Why Selling Your Home Takes Professional Realtors® with Experience

    Youve been thinking for some time about selling your home.
    Selling Your Home Can Be Made Easy With the Right Realtors!

    Selling Your Home Can Be Made Easy With the Right Realtors!

    It is never an easy decision as often the emotional attachment to ones home is strong, but you now believe that it is the right time in your life, when moving on makes sense. Having come to this conclusion, what should you do next? Here are our suggestions for making the selling process easy, effective and worry free.
    1. Contact Realtors®, such as Steve and Carol Bush, to visit your property to do a free market opinion of value. This is the first important step in ascertaining how your property compares to those currently on the market and those recently sold in your area. This no obligation market analysis provides you with information in order to make essential and informed decisions on whether to list your property now and if so, for how much money.
    2. Once the Realtors® have the opinion of value report prepared and you have reviewed it, meet with them to get their professional advice on the suggested price range, how they will be marketing the property, and what are their suggestions for getting your property ready to be viewed by buyers.  Make sure that the real estate professionals have discussed fully your goals in selling and that you are confident that they have answered your questions thoroughly. They should have a proven track record of successfully selling real estate and will commit to working for you effectively through skilled communication and the marketing of your property.
      Can You Imagine Living Here? Photos Can Help Sell a Property

      Selling Your Home Can Be Made Easy With the Right Realtors!

    3. Once you have made the decision to list your property, it is now time to do a few things to make the presentation of your property more appealing. Your Realtors® are going to take pictures of the interior and exterior of your property, and anything you can do to make the interior and exterior neater and less cluttered will help in the visual marketing of your home. It can be as simple as removing an old tire leaning against the side of a garage or taking snap shots off your refrigerator. The goal is to entice buyers to see your property because of the pictures exhibited on the internet and in print. In effect buyers need to be able to view themselves living in your home prior to making a showing appointment.
    4. 4. Lastly, sit back, relax and let your professional team of Realtors® do their job. If youve contracted with Steve and Carol Bush, you will get first class service, exceptional communication, and honest answers every step of the way.

    Staging and Exceptional Photography Will Go a Long Way to Selling Your Lakes Region Property

    Staging a home to sell can be as simple as de-cluttering and cleaning a room, moving some lamps, removing some personal pictures or lightening the room by adding a little color and opening blinds and shades.  It can also be more complex with a complete makeover including repainting, bringing in new or rented furniture, or removing pieces of furniture and resetting the room with furnishings that you already have.

    Clean, Crisp Photography in a De-cluttered Room

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Once the staging has been accomplished, it is the photographers turn to take the photos that are clean, elegant and enticing. The phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words is so true, and the importance of quality pictures cant be underrated in the level of importance in selling your property. A photographers goal is to make sure the pictures of your property, which will be on the internet and in print, speak loud and clear to the potential buyer seeing your home for the first time through the lens of a camera. The message should be, I could definitely live here. The relationship of carefully staging a home and taking high quality photographs is all done with the purpose of getting your home shown and sold for the highest possible price. It doesnt matter if it is a small New England Cape or a grand Lake Winnipesaukee or Squam Lake waterfront home; it all serves the same purpose to get your property shown. Many of us in real estate take too many pictures of the outside of the house to use in advertising, but it is the pictures of the inside of the home, if staged properly, that will most intrigue a potential customer.
    19 Grouse Point Meredith New Hampshire

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Carol and I are able to assist you with this important step in preparing to sell your property. Call or email us, and we will meet with you to discuss how the staging and photographing of your home can best be accomplished.