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Missed the Tax Credit Boat? It is Still an Excellent Time to Buy in The Lakes Region!

Buyers in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire may be wondering if they may have missed the boat when it comes to the $8,000 tax credit that ended on April 30th. As it pertains to that credit the answer is yes, but fortunately for those buyers who are still looking there are excellent opportunities to purchase a home with the prospect of substantial savings coming to them from two areas. First is the reality that there still exists a large inventory of properties on the market with prices that have and will remain relatively flat for some time to come. Its the old supply and demand scenario and until supply dwindles significantly and demand heats up dramatically there will be bargains. Secondly there continues to be exceptional financing opportunities from many lending institutions for new homeowners, as well as funding programs offered through the State such as the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority who advertises that they are designed to assist low to moderate income persons obtain housing, and that they are offering the lowest mortgage interest rates in over 30 years. That just may be you trying to get into your first house. Here in the lakes Region there are many affordable and wonderful homes available for sale.
MLS #2792129, Laconia NH

This Laconia Home on Trail's End Lane is under $250,000

Tuftonboro NH Homes under $250,000

This Laconia Home on Trail's End Lane is under $250,000

Wolfeboro NH Home Under $250K

This Laconia Home on Trail's End Lane is under $250,000

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Carol Bush is the #1 Selling Agent for Maxfield Real Estate in Wolfeboro for 2009

  Carol Bush was the Number 1 selling agent for Maxfield Real Estate in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in 2009 with over $7,000,000 dollars worth of real estate sold. Carols 18 years of experience with buyers and sellers of real estate in the lakes Region of New Hampshire have allowed her to become well known and highly respected by those clients that have worked with her. Now in conjunction with her husband, Steve Bush who works out of Maxfields Center Harbor Office, they have teamed up to form Your Lakes Region Luxury Team. If you are considering buying or selling and desire a high level of expertise including internet expertise for selling your property (Facebook, Craigs List, Google, and more) please call us at 603.387.4733 Carols direct line and 603.455.7428 Steves direct line. our website.

A Moment in Time in a Little New Hampshire Town

Recently I was asked to view and give my opinion of value on a small piece of land with an 1840's house and barn on it. As I went to the property in the beautiful New England town of Tamworth, New Hampshire, I had no idea that what I would see would stimulate so many feelings of my youth when in my twenties I had dreams of just such a property to live on. Theres the hippie in me I think, as I was in my twenties during all of the 1970s.
Ive always been a lover of old. Old houses, antiques, paintings, records, boats, cars, stamps, stone walls and so many other things have always stimulated in me those questions of who built this, who used this, who saved this, and who valued this as much as I do now? What I ultimately found on this beautiful early spring morning was a truly captivating property.  The house and barn were empty and unlived in probably for well over fifty years, but the cape style home in need of major restoration still showcased the wooden floors, wood stoves, hand hewed beams and the patina of time with a magic that was perfect for what it was. The barn, though listing slightly had those dirt floor, and  wooden stall characteristics along with the wide doors that typify early New Hampshire barns with room for a horse, cow, chickens and few goats or lambs. What was most intriguing about the house was that it was built to house a family who worked at the old mill; a mill structure that no longer stood. I kept thinking about how small in height people back then must have been compared to today, as the house was small by most conservative standards. I also thought about how hardy these people were working at the mill and making ends meet with none of the things we take for granted in our lives. The property abuts a brook, which on this day had become a raging river, as well as the Bear Camp River. Here is where I really felt reminiscent. I looked longingly at the brook and thought of the fun it would have been in my younger years living in such a spot with those three distinct swimming holes polished into the granite by rushing water. I had not seen such fine swimming holes before this and I thought of hot summer nights in July in one of those three swimming holes with friends and family, which captivated me for many moments.

Call me a dreamer when it comes to such things, but experiencing these feelings about not only the wonderful brook and river, but the gardening possibilities of which Im passionate about, as well as the work I would have done on the cape and the barn made for a delightful time on a day when I didnt expect much unlike any other day.