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The New Huggins Hospital Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

With the expected opening of the new "state of the art" Huggins Hopsital in mid  2010, there is just one more reason why living in the Wolfeboro area is so reassuring and so important to those of us already living here or to those of you considering moving here. Here are some of the added features that the new addition will add to the existing hospital.
  • 3 new large operating rooms with state-of-the-art technology
  • expanded ambulatory surgery unit (day surgery)
  • women's imaging suite as well as an expanded medical imaging department
  • emergency department with 9 treatment rooms, 2 critical care rooms, 1 secure treatment room and a dedicated helipad
  • larger private outpatient treatment rooms
  • expanded relationships with major tertiary and  trauma centers throughout New England
  • expanded clinical laboratory with private, comfortable specimen collection and testing areas
  • new and expanded pharmacy
  • an outdoor healing garden and 2 indoor skylight gardens
  • 21 large, private patient rooms with dedicated space for a family member to stay if needed as well as 4 intensive care unit rooms
  • a cafe with outside dining patio. room service with restaurant-style menu
  • relocation of adult day care services and VNA/Hospice

Home Inspections Done Right

One of the most important steps to buying a house is the home inspection. As your Realtors when it comes to the home inspection we always attend the inspection ready to assist you with questions you may have reagrding the inspection information you receive. The home inspector examines those important areas that are critical for you knowing that the house is sound, safe and secure from defects. What are the areas that need to be looked at by the home inspector?

  • Roof the roof covering, flashing, gutters, downspouts, chimney, and skylights
  • Exterior siding, windows, doors, decks, stairways and outside electrical
  • Foundation basement, crawlspaces, floor slab, and floor framing
  • Interior attic areas, stairways, walls, ceilings, floor, lead paint
  • Electrical - service panel, exposed wiring, fixtures, switches
  • Heating System heating unit, venting components, fuel supply
  • Cooling System central air, visible components of system
  • Plumbing water supply distribution, waste systems, hot water heating equipment
  • Kitchen Appliances ovens, ranges, cook tops, dishwashers
Additionally, the home inspector may often take water samples and do a radon gas test. Both samples are sent out to laboratories to screen for acceptable levels. Its important that you have a knowledgeable Realtor representing you so that if there are concerns raised by the inspector on the reports you receive back that you then get  assistance in how to best get your concerns addressed by the seller. Follow this link to find a small list of Lakes Region area home inspectors.

Promoting the Preservation of New Hampshire Barns in the Lakes Region

Prescott Farm Gilford New Hampshire

Historic Prescott Farm Gilford New Hampshire

As Realtors in the Lakes Region, we are keenly aware of the properties coming on the market that have antique barns. The decline and decay of many of these historic structures, which evokes in all of us the nostalgia of an agrarian lifestyle in New Hampshire and in the national landscape, is quickly fading because of neglect, fire, and modern expansion.
Old New Hampshire Barns

Historic Prescott Farm Gilford New Hampshire

Did you know that in 2003 the New Hampshire Legislature approved a break on property taxes for people who will preserve their old barns? The leading New Hampshire organization and proponent of saving our antique barns is The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance in Concord, New Hampshire. Here you can find and download applications for tax incentives, as well as find more detailed information to assist in answering any questions you may have on the subject of preserving your antique barn. If you would like further information from us, we would be happy to assist where we can on the value of saving your old barn. It is critically important that we all work together to save what has become such historic treasures linked to our New Hampshire heritage. We wish to thank the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, and specifically Beverly Thomas, Program Associate for NHPA and Maggie Stier, Field Service Representative for NHPA for their support of what we hope will become one of many blogs and articles on the preservations of old barns and homes, and for the use of NHPAs pictures of barns in central New Hampshire.
Prescott Farm Enviromental Education Center Laconia

Historic Prescott Farm Gilford New Hampshire

So You Want a Lakes Region Antique Home!

One of the Oldest Houses in Wolfeboro 1790'sAs one who has owned two antique homes, one a 1899 Victorian on the Island of Jamestown, Rhode Island, and a 1837 cape and barn in North Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, I can say with authority there is nothing as exciting nor as demanding in home ownership than to restore an old home.

Clinton Street Jamestown RI 1899 My First Old House

The first things you will notice when entering an antique home that's in close to original condition are the wide floor boards, overhead beams, corner posts, horsehair plaster walls, unique wallpaper, glass windows that bend light in strange ways, beautiful hearths, stone foundations, and where almost nothing tends to be level or square. Once you get past the awe that these antique features bestow upon you, you start to imagine yourself living there and just possibly continuing the stewardship of caring for this special property or working to bring back the antique charm to what someone over 100 years ago called home. Late 1800's in Wolfeboro & Rust Pond Here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, antique homes with charm, beauty, and stories to tell await those who value history as well as making some of their own history. When you purchase an antique home you become part of the story. Essentially you become the caretaker of a very important piece of United States history not to mention preserving local history. The story of your life in that house continues the tradition of owners and will be left for the next owner to create their own story and value what you found so precious living there. This can't be said about many of the homes built in the early 1950's and later, which were thrown up as fast as they could be after World War II and the Baby Boom Generation was born. Antique homes in Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro, Moultonboro, Sandwich, Brookfield, and Alton New Hampshire are available now, to be lived in and enjoyed by people who value history, preservation, and that special feeling of owning something timeless.

Lake Winnipesaukee Summer Camps for Boys and Girls

Lake Winnipesaukee in Central New Hampshire has been the playground for many a child since the late 19th century, with camps of all kinds and affiliations catering to the desires of children from all over the world. No matter what your childs interests, horses, music, water sports, hiking and camping, there is a camp somewhere on Winnipesaukee for them to enjoy. Heres just a sampling of whats available: Camp Robindel for Girls in Moultonborough, YMCA Camp Belknap in Tuftoboro, Camp Tecumseh in Moultonborough, North Woods Camp for Boys in  Tuftonboro, and Camp Winaukee for Boys in Moultonborough.

What to Look for in Your NH Lakes Region Realtor

Steve and Carol Bush, Maxfield Real Estate

There are so many Realtors in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, it's hard to know who you should choose to work with you, represent your interests, and ultimately make the process of buying or selling a property easier. From our 20 years of real estate experience we know it is always about you, the customer! This means that when you make that informed decision to put your trust in us, you can expect professionals who bring experience, passion, dedication, honesty and exceptional problem solving skills and who will put them to work for you. Our approach to real estate in the Lakes Region is based on the following:
  1. We give you two agents working for you who know how to negotiate successfully, are detail oriented, and know our market, the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
  2. Having both been college educated and living in this area of New Hampshire most of our lives not only do we know our market, but we know the value of communication at all levels. We are equipped to deal effectively with you and with those whose properties you are interested in or who may be interested in your property.
  3. We are specialists in facilitating the successful buying and selling of real estate, and have a combined 20 years of successful real estate business at Maxfield Real Estate in Wolfeboro and Center Harbor.
  4. 2009 saw Carol Bush be the number 1 selling agent at Maxfield Real Estate in Wolfeboro. Her single largest sale was a Wolfeboro waterfront for 5.7 million.
  5. We use technology as one of our greatest tools to bring customers to your listing or to find that property for you. We not only have our own website, but have a Fan Page on Facebook, and we are constantly working to improve our visibility on Google, Craigs List, as well as Facebook.
  6. We are members of National Association of Realtors as well as the New Hampshire Association of Realtors and the Lakes Region Board of Realtors. These associations allow us to carry the Realtor title.
When you are ready to buy or sell, we hope that you will contact us and give us the opportunity to prove to you we are those Realtors that you want on your team.


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