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Buying Real Estate in the Lakes Region is a lot like Making Great Barbeque!

Ok. I know youre thinking, Whats he talking about? but I am sincere when I say there is a relationship to what goes into the process of buying Lakes Region real estate and what goes into the process of making great barbeque. At the very least, there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in attaining the culminating results from both events. The mantra of barbeque aficionados and barbeque chefs of the world is, Low and Slow. Low is the temperature that one cooks/barbeques the meat (beef, pork, poultry, or fish). A consistently low temperature permits the natural juices to act as a tenderizer for the meat and not get forced out of the meat causing your award winning barbeque to be dry and tough. Slow works in tandem with low temperatures so that it can often take many hours to fully cook/barbeque the meat which breaks down the fibers in the meat so that when you take that first bite of brisket or pulled pork, it is melt-in-your-mouth tender!

Barbeque Chicken

Finger Lick'in Good Barbeque Chicken

The marinades, rubs, and basting sauces, as well as the types of hardwood charcoal you decide to use to make that majestic smoked meal, all play significant roles and add to the variety of tastes that one can  achieve in the final product. Everything that goes into making great barbeque is done with love, care, and the anticipation of a grand and wonderful eating experience. Now that I have your mouth watering, let me make that connection to buying a piece of real estate in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Both buying real estate and barbequing is a slow process. Like having a good piece of meat to start with and a clear set of goals on what to do with that piece of meat once you have it, buying property takes a similar strategy. Often the person looking to buy that piece of land or a first or second home has a strong idea about what he or she wants for an end result. As with barbeque, where it often takes a knowledgeable butcher to select that quality cut of meat for you, in buying real estate it takes a knowledgeable Realtor who can, based on the ingredients of your want list guide you competently and comfortably through the maze of properties on the market. As with making good barbeque, when buying real estate there are many options to consider. What can you afford? What are your needs (acreage, level lot, wooded, views, square footage of living space, ranch or cape, 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, school system, in town or rural, new or pre-existing construction, green friendly, etc.)? Will I get a good value for what I can afford? The list put together by you and your Realtor in order to attain that special property is the starting point to a process that will in time bring you to a property that will bring you years of satisfaction. We (Steve and Carol Bush) are those kinds of Realtors, who can assist you in your search for property in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Contact us and let us help you with your recipe to find that special property. Oh yes, if you need a little guidance along the way to making good barbeque we can do that too! Feel free to email us for our favorite barbeque recipes.
Weber Grill - .

Finger Lick'in Good Barbeque Chicken

We have barbequed on a Weber charcoal grill for 20+ years and the results have always been gastronomically gratifying. Oh yes, we have been barbequing with wood cut on our 2 acre Lakes Region property. We have hickory trees which are our favorite wood for flavoring our barbeque, as well as apple trees, and maple trees that have all contributed to barbeque heaven.