Blog :: 02-2011

Gunstock Ski Area Chairlifts Never Keep You Hanging!

Carol and I have a seasons pass to Gunstock Ski Area in Gilford, New Hampshire. It is a terrific ski area with great grooming and family friendly skiing. It took me over 30 years of living in the Lakes Region to finally ski at Gunstock as I had always preferred the larger mountains like Canon and Sunday River in Maine. What changed so dramatically for me was age. The older I got, the less I wanted to drive almost 2 hours one way and then pay the hefty price to ski a full day. We like the idea of getting a season pass to an area close by and getting first tracks, skiing hard and being finished at noon.

These chairs don't keep you hang'in

Now that we are regulars at Gunstock Mountain, I have made it a point to ask those going up the lifts with us where they are from and what they do. It has been more interesting than I originally thought it might be as there have been some fascinating people. In the last few weeks weve ridden up with a man who works for Fidelity Investments with a second home on Winnipesauke, a young man working in the preservation and cataloguing of Rhode Island State papers at the University of Rhode Island (one of my alma maters), a manager of a city in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, a former Olympic skier from the Conway area, and a terrific young man from Londonderry High School who as a member of the schools ski club and talked to us about how to ski backwards. The thing that I keep coming away with in talking to these people is that they love to ski and they enjoy the convenience and the ambiance of Gunstock. With stunning views of Lake Winnipesauke and the White Mountains including Mt. Washington, this ski area is not to be missed and just one more reason why the Lakes Region is so special.  If you have interest in learning more about the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, please contact us. photos from