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Classical Music WNNH 99.1 Comes to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

WNNH 99.1 FM Classical Music for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

WNNH 99.1 FM Classical Music for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

WBACH, Maines Classical Network has brought classical music back to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire at WNNH 99.1 FM with a transmitter in Meredith, New Hampshire. The sounds of Vivaldi, Beethoven, Brahms, Copeland and of course Bach are just a few of the wonderful composers whose musical gems now bless our ears and enrich our lives.

WNNH 99.1 FM Classical Music for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Not since classical music was discontinued on New Hampshire Public Radio close to fifteen years ago has there been such beautiful music being heard throughout the Lakes Region, unless you listened through Sirius Satellite radio or internet radio. It was very difficult or spotty at best to dial in any music of this genre. One could occasionally get a bit of WBACH on 104.7 FM in Kennebunk, Maine, but that was as I mentioned difficult to receive depending on where you were around Lake Winnipesaukee. I thank the directors of WBACH for moving west, seeing an opportunity, and now providing so many of us with the gift of beautiful and timeless music. Living here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire has always been spectacular, but it has just gotten even more special!
The culmination of the Classical Period of Music was with Beethoven's music

WNNH 99.1 FM Classical Music for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

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  1. Burdett Adams on

    Just stumbled onto the WBACH station in Meredith...very appreciative!!!
    • Charlotte Cox on

      Hurray for you, for bringing classical music to NH!!! I never saw it advertised, it just appeared like a miracle one day when I was scrolling through radio stations hoping I could pick up Boston. WBACH has a marvelous mix of classical pieces, much more variety than I have on CDs, and I feel like I've just discovered paradise. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for recognizing that the Lakes Region has listeners who will appreciate this!!!
      • Steve Bush on

        Yes Charlotte it is the best music in the world!
        • Steve Bush on

          Hi Burdett, One can't beat the best music ever created!
          • Jim Moore on

            It is great to have classical music in the New London area with a good signal ! local stations in this area have interfered with the Boston area and Vermont broadcasts and WBACH comes in very well. Keep it up. We also like the news from southeast Maine, and I have skied and hiked as an Appalachian Mountain Club member and shopped in LL Bean and other places in Maine, I also had ancestors in early Norridgewock. Jim Moore 348 Shaker St. New London, NH
            • richard theberge on

              I still am crushed not getting my Bach on 104.7 I still dont know what happen. But now i get it a little 99.1 I listen to this (Bach) for years I hope this will get to southern N.H
              • Steve Bush on

                Hi Richard, as i understand it the company filed for bankruptcy and has been downsized. It's very sad.