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Mitt Romney, Wolfeboro and the Real Estate Market is Jumping

Mitt Romney in Wolfeboro

Mitt & Ann Romney in Wolfeboro

A year ago July I wrote a blog titled Mitt Romneys Summer Home, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The gist of the blog concerned the impact on the town of Wolfeboro if Mr. Romney became President of the United States. He is not yet President, but I can tell you there has been an increased impact on the town of Wolfeboro in terms of people coming here this summer, and also in increased interest in owning real estate in Wolfeboro, known as The First Summer Resort in America and The Jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The 'Romney Factor' on Wolfeboro Real Estate

As Realtors at Maxfield Real Estate in Wolfeboro, Carol and I have seen a definite impact because of The Romney Factor on real estate sales. We always ask people looking at properties how they found us, where they are from and what draws them to Wolfeboro. The comment we keep hearing is that they have heard so much about Wolfeboro in the news because of Mitt Romney and that helped them to decide to look in Wolfeboro for property. I recently had a man call from Bethesda, Maryland asking if there were any waterfront properties for sale near Mitts waterfront home.

A Safe Investment

The observation from our Realtor colleagues at Maxfield Real Estate is that we have never been so busy even during the boom times of the early to mid 2000s. The other thing weve heard from buyers is their frustration with the stock market and that there is a feeling that parking money in real estate is a more long term and safer investment for them. Why not buy in a town that a potential future President of the United States owns property and enjoys the most beautiful town on Lake Winnipesaukee. So if you too want to explore real estate in what may be the Presidential summer retreat, please contact us or search Wolfeboro properties on our website. Who knows, you may just run into the Romneys on the way to the grocery store or hardware store just a short walk from the Wolfeboro town docks.

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