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Marketing Strategies That Work to Sell Your Lakes Region Property

While Steve and Carol Bush maintain a strong virtual real estate presence for clients, they also target customers through proven marketing vehicles such as direct mail, print advertising, brochures, flyers, signage, and networking. This comprehensive approach maximizes visibility for the client and ensures that information about marketed properties reaches the broadest possible audience.
The power of a well-done print piece is not to be underestimated and Steve and Carol make sure that all of their brochures feature top of the line photography and design. A brochure is useful because it can be left with clients so they can refer to it again and again; its presence is also a reminder of the beautiful home that could be theirs.
People may be surprised to know that direct mail still outperforms email blasts and is one of the most successful marketing tools available. A beautifully designed piece sent to a targeted list puts compelling and important information right in the hands of potential clients. People respond to a creative mailing and a hard copy item is more likely to be read and kept for further consideration. Electronic mailings, while useful, can be overlooked or even deleted, due to the overwhelming amount of email that most people receive today.
Steve and Carol Bush also advertise key properties in select, quality magazines as well as real estate guides.  These are the publications that dreams are made of, and the right ad can lead a customer to the home they have always wanted. The magazines and guides cover broad distribution areas and outlets so thousands of readers are reached with each ad.
Flyers and mailings create more immediate awareness of properties for sale, directing both those searching, and “Sunday drivers” to homes on the market. Sometimes those who did not intend to be house hunting find themselves intrigued by the signage that Steve and Carol create. More than once that casual ride through the Lakes Region has led to queries about a home, and then a sale.
118 Broadside in Wolfeboro New HampshireOf course, nothing is more powerful then seeing a home firsthand, so Steve and Carol show perspective buyers to explore the home, experience its special features, examine the details, and picture the lifestyle that could be theirs.
All of these elements go into the successful sale of a home and Steve and Carol have each one mastered. This is why they have achieved more than $35 million in real estate sales over the past five years. Every client receives a comprehensive, detailed sales effort, and when that is  combined with Steve and Carol’s enthusiasm and expertise, success is guaranteed.
When you're ready to sell or buy don't hesitate to contact Steve or Carol Bush as they are Experienced Realtors, helping buyers fulfill their dreams and sellers exceed their expectations.